Our maintenance packages that we use to take full care of you

With our hosting and maintenance packages, we completely relieve you in terms of hosting, domain registration, backups, SSL, business mail and Website Customizations.

The importance of maintenance

You hear more and more that websites are being hacked. Often the cause appears to lie in the software that was outdated and therefore no longer foolproof against the latest hacking techniques. Legislation on the Internet and privacy(GDPR)is also demandingnowadays. Websites must have SSL certificates (https connections), cookie notifications and of course not be susceptible to data theft. In short, these are all things that you as an entrepreneur probably don’t know about and you do well to outsource this to specialists.

Why a maintenance package?


We keep your website's software up-to-date

By updating the WordPress plugins and themes monthly, we reduce the risk of security breaches and keep hackers out of the door.

We monitor your website

We monitor the website as soon as the software updates have been implemented. In doing so, we check that the website is still working properly. So you don’t have to worry about that

We will do small Customizations

Client’s needs to change something or add new feature to website so we will add new feature or change anything within the cost.

We make backups in case something goes wrong

Better safe than sorry. We make sure that backups are made of your website, so that we have these up our sleeve, should something go wrong.

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